Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Macassa Mine,
Ontario, Canada

Our goal is to make a positive and lasting impact by creating meaningful opportunities for our employees and local suppliers, and by contributing to the sustainability and prosperity of the communities in which we operate.

We believe that being socially responsible is essential to our operating and financial success. We are committed to developing relationships based on open and honest communication with our stakeholders.

To learn more about how we fulfil our commitment to social responsibility, please download our Social Responsibility Policy.

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Consulting with our community stakeholders

We highly value community engagement and work continuously to maintain our social license to operate. Our goal is to maximize the benefits of mining while minimizing any negative consequences from our activities.

Our operations regularly engage with community stakeholders in order to incorporate their values and concerns into our business activities. Our engagement programs and activities include formal and informal communication and feedback sessions; community partnerships; site visits and tours; and sponsorships and community investments.

Indigenous Engagement

We engage directly with indigenous communities to foster meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships and to ensure our operations are respectful of indigenous rights, cultural beliefs and aspirations. We have entered into a number of agreements and partnerships with indigenous communities, with a goal to promote indigenous businesses and employment opportunities.

Community investments – Get In the Game

We invest in social, educational, environmental and recreational programs that benefit our operating communities. We target a portion of our funding toward initiatives that encourage active, healthy lifestyles in the community.

Grievance mechanisms

As part of maintaining our social license, we welcome community feedback and we monitor and track any issues raised by local citizens. We have formal grievance mechanisms to ensure any complaints we receive are promptly addressed.